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About Us

Drivewell was Established in 1994 by Joseph Vella, who today is still managing the company. At drivewell we understand that everyone is different and all driving lessons are tailored to suit your individual needs. With drivewell you can be confident that you will learn to drive in a safe, friendly and comfortable environment. Drivewell Motoring School is also a Member of the M.S.A (MOTORING SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION).
Choosing the right Motoring School and Instructors is the most important thing to consider
before booking your first driving lesson. The right Motoring School will ensure that you will
be provided with:

Professional Qualified Tutors
Dual Controlled Vehicles
Individual tuition
A structured learning
No Extra Lessons than you actually need
No Hidden Costs




Our Mission

Learn your way to becoming a smooth driver. At Drivewell Motoring School we concentrate on teaching safe driving in respect of law, life and limb. We want all our students to learn how to drive their vehicle confidently and safely in all kinds of traffic and on all roads.


Our Philosophy

Every individual has his learning curve and some learn in a handful of lessons and others need much more. We do not deceive our students and so we cannot promise an exact number of lessons per individual. Duration is minimized with regular attendance and best quality tuition. What we can promise is that we shall submit our students for the test immediately as soon as we feel they are well prepared and the syllabus has been completely covered as per  TM  regulations.

Our Team

Our professional and qualified tutors will instruct you through driving lessons on our manual or automatic Toyota vehicles of the Yaris or Vitz models, both of which are easy to manoeuvre and drive. Whether your instructor is Joseph or any one of his instructors, you will have peace of mind all the way.